Create beautiful dashboards


Grafana aims to be a one-stop for obervability users. From the Grafana interface, you can address your data, wherever it lives. Grafana has first class integrations with Prometheus, Loki, Jaeger and many others.

It is famous for its dashboarding solution, but more features have been added recently, such as traces views, manual queries, and logs explorer.


Grafana is licensed under the AGPL license. It’s an Open Source license, with the requirement that modifications you make must be done under the same license, when you provide Grafana as a service.

Download and run grafana

  1. Go to the Grafana website and download the latest stable release
  2. For this exercise we will use the Standalone Linux Binaries(64 Bit)

    $ wget
    $ tar -zxvf grafana-8.1.3.linux-amd64.tar.gz
    $ cd grafana-8.1.3
    $ ./bin/grafana-server
  3. Open Grafana in your browser: (username: admin; password: admin)

Setup prometheus

Add your prometheus server as a datasource + import the prometheus dashboards.

Monitor grafana in prometheus (add it as a target).

Look at the grafana dashboards.

Create a new dashboard

Create a new dashboard which enables you to pick someone’s prometheus and gather info: samples scrapes, scrape duration, … using variables.

Your dashboard should contain at least a singlestat panel, a variable and a graph panel.


Grafana also supports tables and heatmaps for Prometheus